Sunday, September 17, 2006

My 4 O'Clocks

I just love this plant. It's a special little gift the birds deposited in the creek behind the house. My sweet neighbor,Nancy, came and said, "Look what I found!!" Now we each have a pretty bush of 4 O'Clocks! I'm a little worried when I do redo the beds, none will come up next year. Ididn't get to the seeds fast enough, but certainly some hit the ground.


Leslie said...

I wouldn't worry...four-o-clocks are one of those things that are difficult to get rid of...they come up from seed and roots/tubers. I planted them years ago and have to work at not being over run with them. I think they are a sweet flower too, they remind me of my childhood garden.

gardenmomma said...

I agree...they remind me of my grandma! Thanks for commenting!