Monday, April 09, 2007

Did you ever...?

Did you ever drive past a house (specifically a garden) and just KNOW you'd like the person
living inside??! We went on a Sunday drive yesterday and did just that. My husband was mortified when I told him to stop the car so I could take some photos. This house was oozing "garden" with garden goodies everywhere!

Wonderful old chair

Front porch

Beautifully manicured front lawn

Side yard

Prolific white roses covering the arbor

If I can find the house, I plan on going back and taking another look. My husband kept rushing me to "Come and get back in the car before they cart you away!!!" I just know I'd like someone who liked flowers this much!


OldRoses said...

Nest time, try knocking on the door. I love it when people stop by to tell me how much they like my flowers.

Kylee said...

There's a house we pass often that I keep telling my husband I'm going to stop and ask for a tour of their gardens. This summer, I AM GOING TO DO IT!

I see why you stopped. I love the gardens AND the house!

Anita said...

Wow, I would have asked my hubby to drive a little bid more slowlier to that I could have a closer look at that house and garden, too! But I would not have dare to stop and take photos! ;-))
The garden looks very cozy and the house looks very American. Of course, I expect nice people to live there - they just have to be NICE as they have such a wonderful garden!

I just found your side on the GTS blogroll. You are more than welcome to stop by me little country cottage garden, too!

Warmest greetings from Germany!

snappy said...

Hi Gardenmomma, love the photos.The lawn and planting are perfect.I love the pots on the front porch and the White rose covering the Arbor.I can imagine they would sit out and watch the birds and the bee's in warm fragrant evenings.
I love your profile expression about the garden being a blank canvas.I used that analogy when i first started my blog, as my garden then was non existant.I furnished the canvas with a few brush strokes and built up the plants, shrubs, and flowers.
Alas I am in a flat now, but where there is a will there is a way.I could write a book about gardenless gardening!
I would be shy to knock on someones door, maybe if they were in the garden I would speak to them.You have been added to my must read blogs list!
Is your husband used to you getting him to stop so you can take photos?Thats the sign of gardening in the blood.

Lynn said...

I know what you mean.
On my way to my Son's place in the countryside I pass by a house like that.
They sell potted plants out front too.
I have not stopped yet, but I promise I will this year.

Thanks for comin by

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You were quite right to stop and take pictures. This is a lovely garden. I agree with Oldroses, next time knock on their door and who knows, perhaps you will become friends for real. :-)

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Old Roses... I thought about that, but poor hubby would have lost his mind!! I was thinking of giving her my blog site and letting her see my little tribute to her garden!

Kylee...Me, too! I'm going to do it! It IS a great garden. The pics don't do it justice.

Anita... It is a cozy garden. The home is located in an "Americana" neighborhood. I think it's even called "Mayberry"! I was thinking just that...they gotta be nice people with such a wonderful garden. I will come by and visit. My heritage (both sides of my family are from Germany).

Snappy...How nice of you to visit and complement my little blog. I am a novice and learn so much from y'all. I see a potted garden in your future :) ! Yes, my husband is quite used to making the garden rounds. Some times we circle around and around until I see everything I want. He says we look like we are casing the neighborhood! I need a sign on my bumper that says, "We break for Garden Shops!!". I don't get half the pics I'd like to, though!

Lynn... Okay, it's a deal. You do it and I will, too.

Yolanda Elizabet... I am thinking your garden would have the same effect on me. Thanks for coming by.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I totally would have knocked on the door, too! What a great garden. :)

Carol said...

I've driven by places just to see the gardens, but I wouldn't have the nerve to knock on the door. However, if the gardener was outside, I'd try to talk to her (or him). This is a beautiful garden, and I'm sure has a wonderful gardener looking after it.

Kate said...

That happens to me all the time. I enjoy going for long walks with the dog so that I can head down back alleys and check out gardens. Usually my son is mortified when I stop to peer over fences ... I've ended up having some great gardening conversations as a result. Most everyone is more than happy to talk about their gardens.

Great photos for being hurried along :-)