Sunday, April 15, 2007

GTS/Bloom Day - April 15, 2007

Well, I made it! I got my GTS. Bloom Day post with minutes to spare! It has been a Field Day weekend with a quick trip to Texas Hill Country (Maldonado's Nursery was incredible!) and then a day of garden shopping and planting today. Whoo! I am tired! And, I start my new job in the morning. I'm even more tired thinking about that!
African daisies on my front porch

A garden in New Braunfels...breathtaking!

This old bike is covered in flowers and white lights that were lit up at night

Field Trip to Crump's Garden today
Couldn't miss this... 50% of all bedding plants

Crump's outside garden
This post is slow in coming since I was in the garden planting all afternoon. Will visit other GTS blogs tomorrow after work. I will write more on my garden purchases later this week. Y'all have a wonderful week!


skeet said...

So beautiful and colorful! Spring has sprung in Texas! Visiting for GTS!

snappy said...

Lovely photos.Can see the vibrant colours, and fun planting with the Bicycle.dont work too hard,Will look forward to your posts.

Pam/Digging said...

I love Gruene. I recognize those barrel planters by Gruene Hall (a favorite place of mine) that you posted photos of, as well as the bicycle. What a nice addition to your Bloom Day post.

Annie in Austin said...

Chris, the African Daisies on your porch would make me wish for the nerve to ring your bell - it looks like a sign hung out announcing a gardener with a sense of humor.

What a colorful post!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

[did you ever buy a fig tree??]

Alberta said...

Love your overall planter! I want to make one out of a pair of rubber boots, but for some strange reason DH won't donate his! Maybe cuz he's still waering them!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love those daisies on your porch and the bike!!! 50 % off sounds like a very good deal to me. :-)

BTW I've linked with you, will you do the same?

Christa said...

I love the overalls planter on the front porch - cute! Great use of the old bike, too!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Plants in clothes. I love it.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Skeet, Spring has sprung and we hang on to every drop of it, because it will be 100 degrees when we blink!

Snappy, it's good to see you. The overalls are mine, but the bike was in a town we visited this weekend. Maybe I need to hunt down a bike, though...

Pam, Yep Gruene was a lot of fun. Too cool to tube yet. I loved the garden shop there. Yes, I visited a LOT of garden centers this weekend.

Annie, I WISH you WOULD ring my bell!!! I'd drag you to my backyard and pick your brain! Oh yes, I did get a Celeste Fig @ Maldonado's this weekend. I put it in a huge clay pot for now. I'll post pics soon. It's my new baby and I love it already.

Hi Alberta, these overalls cost a pretty penny since I HAD to have one of the first ones that came out. Now, you can find them everywhere very reasonably. They're just so darned cute!

Yolanda Elizabet, we are now officially linked! The bike isn't mine, but like I told Snappy, I might go look for one!

Christa, yep, I'm gonna look for a bike, lights and all.

Ottawa Gardener, you gotta love it! Stay warm.

Rurality said...

I love the overalls planter too. Very nice pics. :)

chigiy said...

I love the bicycle. I wish I had one in my yard. Hey, I could make one from my bike. I haven't been on it in twenty years.

Kate said...

I love the overalls with the African Daisies.

Crump's Garden looks as if it would be easy to spend lots of hours there.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Oh, yes, Kate...time and MONEY!!! I usually only go on sale days.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Chris: I'm with everyone in loving your cute Annie says, it does look like it says "Welcome Gardeners"!

It's so fun to spend time (too much!) and money (also too much!) in garden centers!

Sounds like you are coming along and doing some filling in of that canvas!